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Title: Props – Fried Chicken Store – download for Daz Studio or Poser

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The Fried Chicken Store emerges in a bleak and despairing century. The city appears to be floundering within a state of dystopia and distributed filth. There appears to be no delineation between different areas, as everything is built upon trash, leaving the city in shambles.

This urban wasteland is in complete darkness, as the pollution is so terrible that no natural light is strong enough to pierce its dense shroud. The only visible light is artificial. This is a cold, unhealthy, sticky, and possibly smelly environment. The new pushes past the old, brought into decay, and left to the dredges of time.

And it is there, in an unlikely crossing of alleys, that we discover this little Fried Chicken Store.

Ideal for your futuristic, steampunk, dieselpunk, or modern scenes, this modular set will give you the possibility of multiple pictorial variations.

This pack lets you build as many streets as you need. It also includes a building with independent sides and decals, as well as items that you can ungroup and save separately as you like. Take the individual objects and create your own street as you like, and get creative with the more than 90 articles and sets that make up the food store.

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