» » VendoBox "Bimbo-Box" For DazStudio

VendoBox "Bimbo-Box" For DazStudio

VendoBox "Bimbo-Box" For DazStudio

Title: Props – VendoBox "Bimbo-Box" For DazStudio – download for Daz Studio or Poser

Home Page: _https://www.renderotica.com/store/sku/63428_VendoBox-Bimbo-Box-For-DazStudio


Bimbo Box: This flashy vending machine box lets you view two characters at the same time. It's got some width and rear depth morphs for larger characters. There are 2 doors that can move downward (out of view) to simulate that when you place an order, the character will come out of the box and into the viewing area. You can utilize the Stand 1 figure if you want to have a restrained character. Pose files for texture variations are provided in the pose library.

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