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VendoBox "Toy Box" For DazStudio

VendoBox "Toy Box" For DazStudio

Title: Props – VendoBox "Toy Box" For DazStudio – download for Daz Studio or Poser

Home Page: _https://www.renderotica.com/store/sku/63774_VendoBox-Toy-Box-For-DazStudio


Toy Box: This stylish modern day arcade game box has flashy and stylish lights and restraints to hold your favorite character in position so they can be poked, prodded and vibed. It's got 6 repositionable ports that the toy hoses can be posed into. It's also got 2 sets of right and left ports (one set for top and one set for bottom) which are symmetrical mirroring. The controller panel can move from side to side and has a posable joystick. The arm and leg restraint boxes have cuff rims that can be repositioned and have size/shape adjustment morphs. These restraints and cuff rims are right and left symmetrical mirroring. All the lighting and displays are ambient lit so they will glow in a dimly lit scene. The main screen on front can be swapped for your own graphic. Pose files for texture variations are provided in the poses library.
Pose files for G8F including pose for the Toy Box are provided in the poses library.

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