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Z Urban Street Scene Essentials

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Title: Props – Z Urban Street Scene Essentials – download for Daz Studio or Poser

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This scene essentials series will enhance the artistic side of your renders and give them an urban edge.

The phonebooth, dumpster, and post box doors have all been rigged to easily open and close.

The trash can has also been rigged so you can move the lid easily, and it also includes a deformation morph to give it a cool, beat-up look.

The traffic light includes a "Light On" or "Off" material for every light.

The brick wall includes a morph to increase the base and top support block depth for added control. It has been designed so you can duplicate the wall however you want.

The metal fence includes various pre-sets and has been created to be duplicated.

The models and their textures have been created to a high level of detail, so your renders can look fantastic closeup and far away.

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